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Over the years we have learned a lot about post-harvest machinery, processes and produce. These guides will help make your business more efficient.

Food Safety whitepaper cover

Protect your customers with effective food safety

A quick guide to avoiding bacterial  contamination in your vegetable processing lines.

This guide offers tips on how to avoid bacterial contamination in your pack-house, from the design phase through to building a food safety plan around four core areas:

  • Water
  • Workers
  • Equipment
  • Facilities

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Avoid potato bruising and increase profit

A handy guide to help you avoid potato bruising, minimize damage and get the most value from your harvest.

This guide includes tips on how to avoid potato bruising:

  • Before planting
  • While planting
  • During growing season
  • During pre-harvest prep
  • When harvesting
  • While handling
  • In storage

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Considering a post-harvest line investment?

A quick start guide to help you understand the process so you can find the perfect solution for your business.

Download the guide to learn:

  • 10 major things to consider before choosing a solution provider
  • 15 key questions to determine your requirements and specifications
  • How to develop a business case for investing in a new line
  • Total cost of ownership and setting a realistic budget for now and the future
  • Factors that will impact quality and efficiency

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Are you getting the best out of your carrots?

Ideas for growers on improving carrot quality from harvest to processing.

Download the eBook to learn:

  • Nine tips for improving carrot quality
  • What is carrot silvering
  • How it affects growers
  • How to reduce silvering

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