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Mini Wet Hopper (buffer storage)

Provides in-line buffer storage and produce soak for the clean end of your line.


Wyma’s Mini Wet Hopper (for buffer storage) is great when you need in-line buffer storage and produce soak at the clean end of your line. It can also be used for chemical application.

Produce can be quickly tipped into the water-filled tank without fear of damage. Produce exits via an elevator. Elevator speed controls the outfeed flow rate.

When using the hopper for chemical application, spray bars can be fitted on the elevator for a final rinse.

On the Dual Elevator model, water immersion means produce is gently and evenly distributed to both elevators.

If you want to keep produce cool, use refrigerated water in the tank.


Gentle receiving Quickly tip produce in without damage.
Buffer storage Delivers produce evenly to your line - no produce 'surges', meaning downstream equipment can operate effectively.
A False floor Guides guides produce to outfeed elevator.
B Variable speed controlled elevator* Controls line throughput.
C Gooseneck elevator* Gently delivers produce to the next stage in your line.
D Access hatch* Full access for maintenance and cleaning.
E Automatic dump valve* Controlled, periodic removal of sand and dirt.
Water spray bar on elevator* Rinses produce before the next stage in your line.
Stainless steel construction Durable and hard-wearing.
Designed for strength and cleanability, with minimal horizontal surfaces.
VSDs rated IP66/67 Suitable for Mini Wet Hopper environment.

* Optional

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