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Hydro‑Cooler for produce in bins

Our Hydro-Coolers quickly reduce the core temperature of fresh produce to extend shelf-life.


Wyma Hydro-Coolers quickly reduce the core temperature of fresh produce, extending shelf-life while preserving flavour and appearance.

Water is sprayed over a heat exchanger which is cooled to several degrees below freezing by refrigerant. As the water passes over the heat exchanger, the water cools to a user-set temperature. Cooled water then floods down onto produce (loose or in bins). Water is collected in a tank at the base of the Hydro-Cooler for recycling.

Flow-through Hydro-Cooler for large plastic bins: Large bins travel by conveyor through the Hydro-Cooler tank. Produce is sprayed with cooled water. This model is great for bulk bin traceability.

For large tonnages, laned Hydro-Coolers are available (up to three lanes) to save space and cost.

At Wyma, we have an in-depth understanding of the post-harvest handling and cooling processes. Dwell time, equipment and refrigeration specifications are tailored to meet your needs.


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