Das Beste aus jeder Ernte

wyma badge red onionsWelcome to the newly designed Wyma! This month we’re introducing a more modern look that better reflects who we are and what drives us.

Innovation and continuous improvement are the cornerstones of our work at Wyma. For decades we have been committed to supporting our customers and making sure that they can offer consumers the best possible products. Not only that, we also strive (and are known for) to make the highest quality equipment and solutions that work season after season.

The update to our iconic logo reflects our company’s evolution as we continue to grow, innovate and apply the best in design, food safety and precision manufacturing in the primary and post-harvest sectors. The badge represents strength, durability and our belief in the equipment we make.

Working hand in hand with the refreshed logo is The Best from Every Harvest, a phrase that sums up everything we want to do for our industry. Our customers work hard in difficult environments to grow the best quality possible; we work to provide solutions that ensure quality and freshness are maximized and captured, with every harvest, season after season.

Our commitment to getting the best from each harvest doesn’t end with purchase or installation. From your first interaction with our team, we aim to continue our support and collaboration to ensure you get the best. We are more than just a supplier – we are a partner. We develop and manufacture devices that are durable, reliable and can improve your operations over the years.

In addition to the aesthetic changes we’ve made, our website has also been updated so we can now highlight even more of our world-leading devices, customer success stories, and industry insights . It’s now easier to find what you’re looking for or to get in touch with our team, and you can expect more improvements in this area over the coming months.

„Our goal is to provide our customers with the best equipment and service – the best overall experience you can get from a post-harvest solutions provider,“ said Andrew Barclay, our general manager. „We want the new look to capture that.“

That’s what we mean when we say, „The best of every crop“ – all we do is help you get the best production possible this year, next year, and many years into the future deliver.

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